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Aron Govil- 12 Quick Ways to Keep Up With New Technology in Accounting

Here is 12 Quick Ways to Keep Up With New Technology in Accounting:

1. Subscribe to industry blog posts

By subscribing to accounting industry blog posts, you are essentially receiving news and information about accounting as soon as it is published says Aron Govil. Depending on which blogs you follow, this can range from new technology and software updates, to the latest tax laws and industry regulations.

2. Attend accounting conferences, seminars and conventions within your industry

Regional and national events held by the major associations (i.e AICPA, CTEC) provide a great opportunity for professionals in the field of accounting to connect with peers and experts in their specific area of expertise. Not only will you gain valuable insight into how other firms are applying new technology within your industry (and vice versa), but such events often offer free training seminars and workshops, along with a variety of fees-based workshops, which will give you a chance to learn a lot in a short period of time.

3. Visit trade websites that target specific business types

There are many websites that focus on one or more specific industries. For example, there are finance and technology sites that have been specifically built for accountants, such as “CPA Practice Advisor.” This type of site is useful because it offers news and insights relevant to your industry (in this case accounting), but also provides information about how new technologies can be applied within the field says Aron Govil.

4. Search through industry e-newsletters

Searching through accounting industry newsletters is a great way to gain valuable insights into the latest technology trends and updates, as well as news coming from major associations, events and tradeshows. Many of them are free to sign up for, while some may require a small fee.

5. Search through job-postings on popular job site websites

Job postings on Monster or Career Builder are good resources for gaining information about what types of technologies (new software) certain companies are specifically looking for in their employees (or potential employees). When searching by state, this type of search will also give you insight into how different industries within your area use new technology to run their businesses.

6. Follow financial & accounting news on Twitter

Follow industry leaders, experts and thought-leaders on Twitter. You can find many of them by searching for relevant keywords, such as “accounting” or “taxes.” By following the right people, you will have access to an endless supply of interesting information regarding what is new within your industry.

7. Use relevant social networks

LinkedIn is a great resource for sharing content with friends and colleagues who are also interested in this type of information explains Aron Govil. Sites like Facebook are good resources because they allow you to interact with others, make comments about content posted throughout the web, post your own contributions (for example, breaking news or updates about your company), etc..

8. Subscribe to an RSS reader

Feedly is a free online resource that allows users to subscribe to an RSS feed from any blog or website. In turn, the service aggregates these feeds and displays them in a single location which you can access off-line or on your computer screen.

9. Conduct keyword searches using Google & Bing

The simplest way to perform a search is by going to Google, typing in a relevant keyword (for example: “inventory software”) and then clicking “search.” Doing this automatically gives you up-to-date news results from all over the internet about what’s new within your industry.

10. Search through the accounting industry’s top blogs

The AECM blog, Accounting Principals’ blog and CPA Practice Advisor are just three of the many online resources. That can be accessed daily to get new ideas on how to improve your business. There are also thousands of other great accounting blogs out there. Which you can find by searching Google or Technorati says Aron Govil.

11. Ask peers for feedback about what type of software they use within their company

Asking questions is an important part in making sure you make a wise choice. When selecting a software solution for your business. Asking advice from accountants who currently use any sort of inventory management system. It will give you a wealth of information regarding what works well. What doesn’t work so well, and what they wish the software could do, but it currently can’t.

12. Read relevant magazines or trade publications

Many of these publications release new issues on a monthly basis. Which are full of timely articles covering relevant topics within your industry. For example, an article about how companies are using mobile technology might appear in any one of much different trade publication targeting specific industries (for example: retail or sales).


The best way to get information about new technology within your industry is. By getting in touch with the decision-makers and influencers who are familiar with what’s out there says Aron Govil. By using the above resources, you’ll be able to stay current on emerging trends and receive real-time feedback from people. Who’ve been in your shoes before (and succeeded).

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