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Aron Govil: Customer retention strategies that work

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to retain existing customers or a manager of customer support, it’s critical that you understand what makes for an effective customer retention strategy says Aron Govil.

Even the most talented marketing team will have difficulty bringing in new customers if current ones are leaving. So tackling this problem head-on is essential for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

What separates companies who excel at retaining customers from those who struggle? After years of research and feedback from our users, we’ve found there are six common strategies successful companies implement to ensure their customers remain pleased with their products or services.

1. Highlight customer value

What makes your product or service stand out? Why should customers stay loyal to you instead of switching over to another provider? Make sure all employees, including frontline support staff, managers, and executives are on the same page when it comes to communicating the core benefits that set your company apart from your competition.

2. Create an ongoing dialogue with customers

 An effective customer retention strategy requires staying in regular contact with clients through calls, emails, and social media updates says Aron Govil. By keeping lines of communication open about new products or services you’re offering, changes in policies, or changes in the competitive environment, you help reinforce existing relationships while showing clients they truly matter to you.

3. Offer incentives for sticking around

 While discounts on introductory rates play a role in customer retention, they aren’t enough. Many customers won’t feel motivated to stay if it seems like you’re just using discounts as a temporary lure to get them through the door in the first place. Instead, think about what else you can do to show your appreciation for their continued business. For example, offer discounts on future purchases or free add-ons that help them achieve their goals with your product or service.

4. Listen to feedback

 Listening is crucial when it comes to understanding what drives your customers’ buying behavior and how they define success with your products or services. Regularly ask for input from front-line support staff, managers and executives so you can take action on insights that lead to better relationships with clients moving forward.

5. Provide superior customer service

 You can’t expect to retain customers indefinitely if you’re not willing to provide the support they need – both before and after their initial purchase explains Aron Govil. Investing in frontline support staff that is educated about your products or services shows customers that you care enough about them to hire employees whose goal is to help them achieve their goals.

6. Be proactive when it comes to churn prevention

 If previous efforts didn’t work, contact customers earlier rather than later when they start planning their next buy. Whether they feel like competitors offer more value or don’t find what’s offered by your company fulfilling anymore, there are always reasons why someone might consider leaving at some point – even if it doesn’t seem likely right away. By attempting to retain customers before you have any indication they’re unhappy, you’ll be able to stop problems before they start.

There are so many businesses out there who want your business and once they have it, they don’t care about the satisfaction of their customer instead they will do everything just to keep up with other company which only wants to earn money without caring about quality service. However, there are others who will go all out just to satisfy their customers because for them having satisfied customers is what matters the most. These are the people who are willing to invest more in order that they can attain greater heights. If you are looking for a few examples, you might want to check this site:

From personal experience regarding my own online business, I know how hard it is to keep up with competitors . However, what my company is doing now is not just about keeping up. But giving customers the, elevated quality of service they deserve.

What you need to know.

Providing great customer service doesn’t tell enough for customers who are looking for more than that. Therefore having a customer retention strategy is important. If your business wants to stay afloat in this highly competitive market of today. After all, it’s not a newbie anymore when it comes to online businesses. You need ambitious ideas and plans on how you can attract more clients. Without losing the ones that are already loyal to yours.

If you don’t have any plan or program that will help you achieve your goal, and then check out this website:


A business will never survive without customers. And in order to keep up with the competition, you need to focus on the retention of your client base says Aron Govil. Therefore having a customer retention strategy is an important part of your business. That wants to stay afloat in this highly competitive market. You cannot afford anymore losing clients. Because it’s almost impossible for newbie companies who are just looking for ways to attract more customers. Because there are already businesses out there that have long-established their online presence. Through providing extraordinary service which your company can’t even dream of offering. Therefore, if you really want to be successful in this field. You might consider having a good plan and program. That will help you maintain your clientele and increase sales at the same time.  

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