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Aron Govil Discusses the Reasons that Employees Leave

Rarely, people find absolute, lasting satisfaction in the organization and role that they are working – the kind of satisfaction that causes them to not think about a move or switch. For the large majority of employees, however, there comes a time in their career when they decide to move on to something else. As an employer, the first step to keeping employees around is understanding what makes them leave tin the first place. In this blog, Aron Govil discusses some of the key reasons that employees decide to quit their current jobs.

 The Key Reasons that Employees Leave as per Aron Govil:

Reason 1 by Aron Govil – Higher Salary:

According to Aron Govil, one of the most common reasons that employees seek out opportunities elsewhere, is because they think they are worth more than what they are getting in their current role. Other than that, greater responsibilities or expenses (such as getting married or having children) might also compel people to seek out higher-paying opportunities.

Reason 2 by Aron Govil – A New or Different Challenge:

Aron Govil thinks that, when people have been at the same job for many years, they think that they have hit their ceiling and there is no more room for growth, development, or learning. When employees feel that they have attained mastery in everything associated with their job, they might want to look for different or higher challenges, and the stimulation that comes with those. 

Reason 3 by Aron Govil – Relocation:

There are various reasons why an employee might want to move to a new area, city, or even country. These reasons include: quality of life, safety and security, living expenses, and medical causes. Often, people who live in cities might want a job in the suburbs once they start a family. Unless the current job provides remote working options, changing their residence might compel employees to also change their job.

Reason 4 by Aron Govil – Better Work-Life Balance:

 Of course, money and financial security is important, but people also want time to do the things that they love and enjoy, such as socializing, and pursuing their hobbies and passions. Therefore, if an employee finds themselves constantly working overtime, or having to respond to work-related calls and emails outside of working hours, they might start to feel stressed and burnt out.

Aron Govil says that this is the point at which an employee might start to look for a company with a better work-life balance for its employees –even though the tradeoff might be a lower salary.

Reason 5 by Aron Govil – More Independence:

If an employee feels that they are constantly being micromanaged, the lack of autonomy might feel suffocating. Employees, especially skilled ones, prefer being given a freer hand and the chance to come up with solutions and answers on their own.

Final Word:

There are certain situations in which you cannot do much about an employee leaving (such as relocation). However, as an employer, you should do everything in your power to make sure that you do not give your employees any additional reasons for quitting your organization.