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Aron Govil- How to apply for a US tax id (EIN) and why it is beneficial?

In order to open a checking account or a savings account, you will need a US tax id (EIN). Many banks require a US tax id explains Aron Govil. If you attempt to open an account without it, the bank may ask you to provide additional documents before they accept your application. For example, some banks ask for more information from those who have opened accounts from abroad. Due to sanctions, many banks want to ensure that they are not dealing with certain individuals and entities. In some cases, if you do not have a US tax id issued by the IRS, banks may simply turn down your application. You can find out how to obtain a US tax id here. We assure that the process is fast and reliable!

Once this is done, you will be able to open an account. If you are a freelancer, this number may help you avoid additional expenses that are charged by the bank for receiving international payments. Besides that, having a US tax id makes it easier for us to pay fees on your behalf using our referral program. Don’t know what is this? Visit Rewards and Referrals section!

How long does it take to get my EIN?

One of the reasons why people prefer registering companies in offshore jurisdictions like Belize is the fact how fast they can obtain their company’s registration papers without spending too much time on it. The same applies to obtaining EIN. You just need several documents which no not require any lengthy process of legalization or other bureaucratic procedures says Aron Govil.

If you are running a business, it is important to remember that each state has its own rules and regulations for taxes. When you are operating as an LLC, the IRS requires you to have your EIN number before paying any federal taxes. However, there are some states which do not recognize this yet—but most of them do! If you want an easier way to pay your taxes in multiple states, it is best to obtain an EIN for all 50 states. This article will give you more information on how to get one and what benefits can be gained from having it.

What Is It?

An EIN number stands for the Employer Identification Number and can be used by businesses in place of their social security number. If you are a sole proprietor, it is best to apply for an EIN number. Sole proprietors have the option of using their social security number or applying for an EIN. However, if you are running more than one business with several employees. This process is a recommendation as it can cause some problems during tax season. Having one number associating with each line of work will help simplify your taxes come April 15th—that’s why creating an LLC has become so popular!

How Do I Apply?

Creating your EIN account takes less than ten minutes. You can fill out the form online by visiting this link. At the beginning of the form, you will need to provide personal information about yourself and how long you have been operating as a business explains Aron Govil. Once this is complete, you will need to answer several more questions about your business and how it operates. This form usually only takes a few minutes to finish and then you can choose a payment method for the final step! You can pay by credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank—and that’s all there is to it!

Why Is It Important?

Having an EIN number helps simplify tax season because there is only one federal identification number for your company instead of one social security number per person working with you. In addition, having an EIN saves time because you don’t have to provide contact information for every member of your company when filling out forms. An EIN also has its benefits during tax filing as each EIN number is unique. This prevents any possible issues from arising when dealing with duplicate numbers from multiple companies.


There are many reasons why having an EIN number is beneficial—and it all comes down to the time you save when filing taxes says Aron Govil. Providing this information will allow us to process your payment easier and quicker, ensuring that you will be able to start making money with us even sooner!