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Aron Govil: What is Cloud-Based Accounting Software?

Cloud-based accounting software is a type of accounting package where the main data storage and management occur on remote servers as opposed to your own computer explains Aron Govil.

All you need to use such a package is an internet connection, which means you can log into the system from anywhere in the world. That also means that any updates or changes you or your accountant make are immediately sent to the relevant parties. This ensures everyone has access to accurate company data at all times.

The cloud-based model has obvious benefits for small business owners who work remotely or even full-time entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional accountancy practices, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular with larger companies too – particularly those with internationally distributed forces who need real-time information.

One of the biggest benefits for business owners is that there’s no software to install, so it’s much easier to switch providers. A shift in payment terms also means you won’t be tied down with fees that prevent you from changing your mind.

Of course, cloud-based accounting software isn’t just about access and convenience; the fact that everything is host remotely means data security is naturally improving. Many packages even offer multiple user functionality where accounts teams can log into the same system simultaneously says Aron Govil. That makes it easy to manage projects across different regions or different time zones without sacrificing consistency – perfect if your company has an international presence or multiple branches.

What are the Advantages?

The most obvious benefit of cloud accounting software is mobility – you can manage your business’ finances from anywhere, anytime. That’s ideal if you typically want to work remotely or even if you want to access your accountancy package when travelling.

The benefits for larger businesses are perhaps less obvious but are definitely there. The ability for sub-companies to all logs into the same system simultaneously means that centralize features like project management and reporting tools. It can be use across multiple companies within a group – great news if you have subsidiaries in different countries.

How much does it cost?

There is often no charge for cloud accounting software as part of an agreement with financial institutions. Who have invested in the technology so every major provider now offers packages online. Through their website without fees or contracts, using payment plans where needed. Many even allow you to trial the system before purchase for free. This means you can access all of the features without risking a financial commitment. Until you’re sure it’s what your business needs says Aron Govil.

How do I get started?

 If you want to use cloud software, all that remains is to pick a package. That meets your requirements and select how you wish to pay – typically via monthly or annual subscriptions. Once an account has been created, simply log in when required. Not only are there no costly setup fees associating with this kind of accounting software but unlike traditional packages. Installation isn’t require either which means there are no hardware costs or waste time getting to grips with how it works either.

As well as being accessible wherever data connections are available, cloud accounting software is also available on multiple devices. Many systems are even compatible with tablets and smartphones. This means that whatever device you’re using, it’s possible to log in whenever you need to says Aron Govil.

Of course, the efficiency benefits of cloud software should not be underestimate either; there’s no need to back up data, set up an IT infrastructure, or manage company servers. When everything happens automatically online without any effort from your end whatsoever. This ensures a high level of reliability and security for companies that often operate in remote locations or hold sensitive data. A real plus point for organizations working within healthcare, finance, and other professional fields where accuracy is essential.

The key benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) driven accounting packages include Online access. You can manage your accounts from anywhere, anytime with Risk-free invoicing. No contracts or setup fees Sophisticated project management and business intelligence tools Easy collaboration. To priorities, tasks Improved security due to hosted servers. Those update automatically Significant cost savings because there is no need for hardware investment or IT departments


Cloud accounting software is getting more popular in today’s business world. Where work-life balancing is becoming a crucial component for companies explains Aron Govil. Since cloud accounting applications are host on the web. They can be access from anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. This flexibility makes it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to manage their accounts while traveling or at home.

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